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June 24, 2005
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Las Villas by bgr Las Villas by bgr
:w00t: Finally!! :boogie:

I have been working on this on/off for more than a year. I started this in jan 2004. I used several pictures of villas for color and architectural ideas. This is for PixelDam ofcourse, for the Sunny Heights neighborhood, where recently my pixelart colleague ~ryan-gfx built his Rendezvous [link]

Many thanks to all the people that helped me, such as ~ryan-gfx / *mrhaki / ~miascugh / ~celinh0 to name but a few.

The pool was a real challenge and the brickwall too. The X5 turned out great by help from others ([link])
Making the shadows was the hardest part.

I can't tell you how many hours I have worked on this. For the colors I had to let it be compressed to 256 for this composition. The individual blocks (3) will be more color managed before they appear in PixelDam

Thank you for watching and I always appreciate your opinions, comments, love and kisses, donations and support :D
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Daily Deviation

Given 2005-07-26
Every texture executed to a "T", Las Villas by =bgr is one of those iso-scenes that make you wish you had a house -- err, villa! -- like it in real life. (The gardener looks like he's up to something though! It's always the gardener that turns, isn't it?) ( Suggested by ShinobiDragon and Featured by halfliquid )
Volynets May 25, 2012   Interface Designer
Hi! I really like your illustration. Can you tell me how you did this illustration?
Or can tell me what to read, to learn how to do so?
itsavril Jan 4, 2012  Hobbyist
this is crazy beautiful work. the water texture, the stone texture, the hedges, all of it really is so wonderfully represented, i just can't stop staring! faving so i can keep coming back ;):+fav:
hooooollllly, damn straight this got a daily deviation! this looks straight out of the sims! but better!
i have no patience for buildings, this is fantastic! i especially love the little people, the pool water, and all the crazy amount of detail! well done!!
Oh, and THANK YOU for the Fav :)
Haha, thank you!!
Patience is a key ingredient for pixelart. Without it, speed painting might be a better choice :)
for some reason, i only don't have the patience for buildings XD the rest i'm fine with lol. i'm an animator, i've learned patience over the years =P
Oh, I believe you. Your pixel art is gorgeous and very detailed. They must have required more patience to create than the average projects I get submitted to PixelDam
thank you again! it's not as hard to be patient when it's fun eh?
b0mb3r-mAn Jun 10, 2009
great great greattttt
great job on the water
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